SiteGround Hosting Plan Is The Best Choice? (2019)

About the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek WordPress Hosting Plans

If you’re looking to host your WordPress website with a reliable host, as our previous hosting comparisons have shown, SiteGround are a great choice. But, with a few important differences between the plans — not to mention their different price points — you may be wondering whether you should choose the StartUp or GoGeek plan for your website. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Siteground Hosting best Choice

While the StartUp plan is the entry-level managed WordPress hosting offering from SiteGround, GoGeek is the more powerful and expensive plan. There’s also a mid-range GrowBig plan that sits between the StartUp and GoGeek options.

SiteGround StartUp vs GoGeek Pricing Details

Although price shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a hosting plan, your budget is likely to play a large role in your decision. So, with that in mind, here are the prices and key details of the StartUp and GoGeek plans.


For reference, the details of the mid-level GrowBig plan are also included alongside the entry-level StartUp and top-level GoGeek plans:

  • StartUp: $3.95* per month for one website, 10 GB of web space, and ~ 10,000 monthly visits.
  • GrowBig: $5.95* per month for unlimited websites, 20 GB of web space, and ~ 25,000 monthly visits.
  • GoGeek: $11.95* per month for unlimited websites, 30 GB of web space, and ~ 100,000 monthly visits.
  • As you can see, if you want to host more than one website on your account, you’ll need to look beyond the entry-level
  • StartUp plan. Also, as well as the allowances listed above, the GoGeek plan includes some additional useful features and
  • tools, while also providing you with greater resources to improve the performance of your website.

Websites hosted on the top-level plan also get access to extra levels of caching, further positioning the GoGeek plan as a potentially good choice for those seeking a fast-loading website on a budget. However, the test results you’ll see later on in this StartUp vs GoGeek comparison will show whether or not paying more actually does get you a faster website.

With SiteGround, there aren’t any data transfer — also known as bandwidth — limits. Instead, the number of monthly visits your site receives is used as a reference point to help you to choose the right plan according to your traffic levels. However, although there are no limits on bandwidth and number of visits, there are other limits in place.

These limits and allocations are covered in more detail later on in the WordPress Optimized Servers section of this review, but, to summarise, they cover the inode usage — something you can track yourself through your control panel.

Now, let’s explore exactly what you get access to with the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek plans — and what their main differences are.

*Note: The prices listed are special introductory rates for new customers.

What the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek Plans Have to Offer

As the StartUp and GoGeek plans from SiteGround are advertised as managed WordPress hosting, this means that — among other things — you get access to web servers that are optimized for WordPress websites, as well as some extra features to help you set up and manage a safe and secure WordPress site.

We’ll now explore the features of these plans — and their differences — to help you to decide whether StartUp or GoGeek is right for you.


All of the managed WordPress hosting plans from SiteGround, such as the StartUp and GoGeek plans, include access to servers optimized for WordPress websites. Because of this, WordPress websites should load faster, while also being more stable and secure than those hosted on generic web servers.

However, there are some differences in the type of server and database resources you’re allocated, depending on whether you choose the GoGeek or StartUp plan.


Some of the differences in resource allocation between the StartUp and GoGeek plans include:

  1. Simultaneous server process: StartUp ten vs GoGeek 30.
  2. Inodes: StartUp 150,000 vs GoGeek 450,000.
  3. Database size: StartUp 500 MB vs GoGeek 1,000 MB.
  4. Database queries: StartUp up to 10% of server resources vs GoGeek up to 30% of server resources.
  5. Although not always the case when comparing numbers, for the above figures, higher is better. With more server resources
  6. available to your website, alongside the other performance-related features of the GoGeek plan, you can expect faster
  7. loading times from SiteGround’s top-level managed WordPress hosting plan compared with their lower-priced offerings.

You can track how much of your resources, such as the inodes, you’re using through the cPanel interface of your account. Doing so is a good idea, because if you exceed your allowance your website will be taken offline until you’ve worked with SiteGround support to resolve whatever issue caused the consumption of resources. SiteGround will email you if you reach 90 percent of your total limit, but, because of the consequences of exceeding the limit, keeping an eye on your stats is recommended.

siteground server picture


Another good reason to choose SiteGround is if you already have a self-hosted WordPress website you’d like to move, as the process of migrating a WordPress site to SiteGround from another host is very straightforward.


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