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Best eCommerce WordPress Themes 2021


These days more and more retailers are adding or moving to online stores, and they’re always looking for ways to sell or market themselves online. Online selling is a corner of the internet that is growing quickly, with no signs of slowing down, and it’s a great way to reach a wide customer base. Small sellers may not have the infrastructure to support sprawling websites like major retailers do, or the budget to pay developers, but they still want to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is one option for filling that niche, as a number of its themes are being designed with eCommerce in mind. Here is a list we’ve compiled of our favorite eCommerce themes, running the gamut from simple online stores to multipurpose websites. You’re sure to find something here that will meet your online selling needs!

1. Metro


Metro is a minimal eCommerce theme with seven different homepage designs.

Before we get to the design and templates that come with Metro, it’s worth highlighting that this theme comes with a pack of premium add-ons for WooCommerce. Because of this, you can instantly add some useful functionality to your online shop that you would otherwise have to pay extra to access. Examples of these add-ons include the product variation swatches extension and the production variation gallery module, details of which you can view on the theme website.

Thanks to the selection of homepage templates and other layouts in the Metro package, you can use this theme to make many different types of online shops with WordPress. As the overall design and style of the Metro theme can be described as minimal, the templates in the package lend themselves to a wide range of products and brands. Thanks to this, no matter what type of eCommerce business you run or you’d like to start, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a suitable set of templates here.

If you do check out the Metro store demos, you’ll see that they’ve been configured to promote fashion items, accessories, and furniture. Therefore, if you’re selling any of these types of products or similar items, then Metro should be ready to go. However, as mentioned, the minimal design of this theme makes it ideal for almost any type of product, so don’t be put off if the type of items you sell aren’t represented in the demos.

While you do get access to some stylish and minimal homepage layouts, the Metro theme also comes with lots of product pages, including individual product page templates and product category layouts. In fact, there are multiple templates for all of the pages your online shop is likely to need, including the cart, checkout, and customer account sections. As you build your store, you can simply pick and choose from the available options to get your site looking just how you’d like it.

Metro combines useful eCommerce tools with a full set of templates to give your store the look it needs.

2. Divi


In today’s competitive market, an eCommerce website has to do more than merely present a functional storefront; it also needs to be stunning to look at. With the astonishingly popular Divi (review), there’s plenty of power on hand to create a gorgeous-looking online store.

Divi is an immensely popular theme, suited to all manner of applications. However, when coupled with the bundled WooCommerce plugin, it’s transformed into an eCommerce beast. The native drag-and-drop page builder (called the Divi Builder) enables you to get your hands dirty when designing layouts, with an almost limitless array of options at your disposal. For those who wish to get up and running straight away, there are a number of pre-built layouts, covering homepages, portfolios, eCommerce storefronts, and much more.

In a nutshell, Divi’s versatility is its greatest asset – and there are thousands of existing customers who feel the same way. If you’re looking for a powerful and popular theme for your eCommerce website, it is one of the very best on the market.

3. Goya

Goya is a modern and minimalist general-purpose eCommerce WordPress theme. They offer two demos for fashion and home decor stores but the neutral designs of the demos make it easy to adapt them for any kind of online store.

Both of the demos come with a good selection of templates for your website. The homepage templates are very attractive and give you lots of opportunities to welcome your customers, introduce them to your business, and share some of your products. You can also publish testimonials and reviews from your previous customers, adding social proof and credibility to your store.

Plus, Goya has lots of online store-related templates. For example, there are multiple shop layouts for displaying lists of your products. When it comes to the individual product page templates, there’s a good range of options, including full-width layouts, more traditional fixed-width designs, and many other styles.

To help you showcase your products, there are also features like a carousel, zoom, and video pop-up tools. By combining some or all of these features, you should be able to display your products in the best way for your store and target audience.

It’s really worth checking out the Goya demos to see what type of store you could create with this theme.

4. Jayla


Jayla is a minimal and modern eCommerce theme for creating online stores with WordPress.

Built around the powerful WooCommerce WordPress plugin, Jayla should include everything you need to create a professional-looking store to promote and sell your products online. Whether you’re selling physical products, digital downloads, or services from your website, Jayla, WordPress, and WooCommerce can provide all the necessary functionality, all wrapped up in a fully modern and stylish design.

If you take a look at the Jayla store demos, you’ll see that this theme can be used to create a wide range of online shops with WordPress. Some examples include the furniture store demo, site templates for selling shoes online, and the technology shop option. Whichever demo you do choose, you’ll be able to import all the content and the configuration settings into your website in just a few clicks. Once the import task has completed, you can then begin adding your own products to your online store.

As well as the demo content, Jayla also provides you with lots of customization options. One of the easiest ways to customize a WordPress website is to use a drag-and-drop page content editor and Jayla happens to include WPBakery Page Builder, one of the most popular tools of this type available for WordPress. However, all of the demo content of this theme has been built to be compatible with the Elementor page builder tool, giving you even more customization options. Another way you can personalize your online store when using the Jayla eCommerce store is the header and footer builder tool. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to create custom header and footer layouts for your store and any of its individual pages.

If you’re looking for a stylish eCommerce theme that looks great out of the box but also has lots of scope of customization, Jayla could be right for your project.

5. Shoptimizer


Shoptimizer is a WooCommerce theme from CommerceGurus built around the twin objectives of speed and conversions.

Research has shown that even a one-second delay results in a 7% reduction in conversions, so it’s great to see that Shoptimizer scores incredibly well across all the major speed benchmarking services. To help keep your store loading as quickly as possible, Shoptimizer has the ability to automatically minify its stylesheet, delivering a dramatic improvement on loading times. Key pages load almost instantly and the theme feels very responsive as a result. Combined with a good web host, this theme should reduce the chances of your visitors hitting the back button due to long loading times.

CommerceGurus has added a number of conversion-focused features too, including a distraction-free checkout option, trust badges beside key call-to-action buttons, and a call-me-back option.

Furthermore, this theme has been designed to be ‘mobile-first’ to ensure smartphone users are able to shop with ease at your store. This mobile-first approach is becoming of increasing importance when it comes to SEO as search engines like Google give preference in their listings to sites that are mobile-friendly.

When it comes to designing your own pages, the lean Elementor page builder is deployed, allowing users to easily create beautiful layouts. You can use this tool to add your own custom page designs to your eCommerce store, as well as customizing the existing content. There are also numerous theme options within the customizer which makes it easy to quickly change fonts, colors, and other settings, and see the results instantly.


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