10 Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh (Eliash Kawsar)

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10 Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh

Top 10 web Development company in bangladesh

As a client, can get lost easily when trying to find the best web development company in Bangladesh that can build you the upmost professional website for your need. This article is here to help you in finding which companies door to knock on. By checking out these 10 companies we believe to be the best, you will save time and effort avoiding the exhaustive search.

1. TechnoBD

With 15 year experience in the web development industry, they are the grizzled old bear in this industry.

Time is the biggest teacher in life. Nothing beats experience when it comes to honing your craft.

That is what TechnoBD has done!

They offer services such as web design & development, web hosting, ecommerce solution, mobile application development and such.

Their long list clientele includes some of the biggest names in Bangladesh, such as Akhter Properties & Furniture, BRAC Bank, Somoy TV, Orion Group.

Still today, they are considered as a premier player in this field and a trusted source for web development needs.


IOVISION considers them as being one of the, if not the, most innovative web design and development company.

Instead of casting their specialization net all around the place, they integrate innovation & creativity into their services such as CMS customization, Design & development and being responsive.

They also pride themselves as following a methodological process for deploying rapidly finished products.

In their list of clients, there are some of the most well-known companies in Bangladesh, such as Cats Eye, Ispahani, Rahimafrooz, Bangla Cat etc.

And with a growing list of clientele, they are on their way to be a force to be reckoned with.

3. Orbit Informatics


A relative up-and-comer in the field of web development, Orbit Informatics has the potential to be one of the major players.

Their sleek design and responsive website development have earned them the reputation of being a contender for the best web development company in Bangladesh.


Although they are a UK based company, their operations team is located right here in Bangladesh.


Their client list is filled with companies that hail from various countries of the world, such as Australia, USA, Nigeria, and Kenya. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready and willing to take a more active role in the countries IT development.


Some of their most popular service includes web design & development, social & digital media marketing, BPO and their one-stop startup solutions.


Every day they are taking bold steps in new direction for designing and developing websites.

With innovative designs and fully responsive website development, they are surely the name to look out for. Their prominence in the industry has attracted clients from different continents around the world and is quickly amassing solid reputation worldwide.

4. Zaman IT


Established in 2008, Zaman IT is a familiar face in the field of software and web development.

They boast a hefty client list that includes very diverse businesses. Newspaper, real estate, hospital, restaurant, law firm; there is hardly any industry where they don’t have a client.

One of the biggest disposals at their arsenal is their varied custom app and software development companies varied handling varied works.

They, do to their flexibility to handle client from almost every sector, have achieved a solid reputation.

5.  Roopokar


The Government of Bangladesh, Pran, Shezan, Akij cement, North South University, East West University, Bashundhara, Ford Bangladesh; these are just some of the most notable clients of Roopokar.

They are not just a web development company; they consider themselves as a modern advertising agency in Bangladesh. They have mastered the use of multimedia to bring forth some the most polished and marketable websites all around.

They provide a mixture of marketing strategy, web development and rich media focused content creation to clients who need something extraordinary.

6.  OVO Technology


Although a name that many people might not be familiar with, OVO Technology is increasing their stock day by day.

They are an IT firm that aims to provide a smarter life with the help of technology. They like to go by the book.

Aside from website design & development and digital marketing service, they provide something the client with an option for a web application.

The client can either have a customized web application, or a ready web application. The ready web application is strict to nventory Management System, Pharmacy Billing System, Restaurant Billing System, EASY Billing System, Dealer Management System and Team Management System.

One of their biggest clients, Prothom Alo, The largest news company in Bangladesh, rely on them to keep their web portal functional.

7.  Eicra

It is one of the very few web development companies in Bangladesh that provides a slew of SSL certificates.

Eicra is a grower, not a shower.

They provide excellent services in network security, cloud based software development and mobile app development.

They are more focused on providing the client with a much more secure website than and network than other companies in the field.

8. Nano IT World


They are a specialized ecommerce website development firm that has more than 200 ecommerce websites from clients all over the world.

Maybe not as old as some other companies in this list, but their experience in building ecommerce site overshadows others.

Nano IT World prides in adhering to their value and they deal with clients that respect those same values.

A proud member BASIS, that aims to develop the whole IT section of Bangladesh.

9. Web.com.bd


Aside from being a little on the nose with the name, Web.com.bd is an excellent web development company that provides easily understandable package deals that want to have their website and marketing without many directions.

It doesn’t mean that they don’t provide custom deal; it just means that they excel at packages.

They also consider themselves at being one of the best PHP/MySQL developers in the country.

When it comes to website design and development, their motto is ‘intuitive Design + Functional Website + Rapid Support = New Super Power’

10.E2Soft Solutions

They are a web development company with a formidable reputation in the industry. They garnished this reputation by strictly adhering to the W3C standards time and time again. provide services that are expected from a reputed company such as them.

When they take on a project, their focus is on three things: Responsive design, SEO ready and Clean & Fresh.

With a high rate of the satisfied client from all around the world, they earned their reputation.


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